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How to get NBI Clearance (Philippines Requirements)

If you are searching for the way to get the NBI clearance so you landed at the best platform. Here you will get each and every detail just to get the NBI certificate and the proper procedure to get this certificate. As the NBI Clearance(National Bureau of Investigation Clearance)  is the proper valid in our country and you can use this ID for the various legitimate identification purposes. So lts move furthur with the whole description of the NBI clearance.

What Is NBI Clearance

NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) Clearance is the certificate which is given by the government to the person if the person wants. Basically, this certificate will tell you have not involved in any criminal case. Well, this certificate is the Philippine police clearance and can be used for the other Identification purpose. With this investigation, you can easily able to know if there are cases of the criminal in the court of the Philippine. As its scope is not limited to a certain area or society but it covers the whole Philippines.

If you want this clearance for the police then this NBI clearance gets expired after 6 months to 1 year as it has a certain period within which it lies. As the person may also involve in any criminal case so this certificate will not have the validity for the lifetime. In case, your NBI clearance gets expired, then you need to follow the below procedure again

 NBI Clearance Requirements

1). While applying for the NBI clearance certificate, you need some documents. Here below, there is the list of the document that you can use for the NBI clearance certificate. Without having these documents, you can’t get your certificate. So please keep these documents in your mind.

Firstly you need 2 valid IDs and it may be the

  1. Voter’s ID
  2. SSS ID
  3. PRC License
  4. Passport
  5. Postal ID
  6. Drivers License
  7. School ID
  8. Alien Certificate of Registration
  9. Philheath, Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID
  10. NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate
  11. Senior Citizen Card.

2). You have to bring the cash for the Application Fee of the NBI Clearance. As the fee structure totally depends on the purpose of using this NBI clearance. So according to the purpose, you need to bring the cash for the fess. Basically, the structure of the fees ranges from the P115 to P415.

3). During the process of the NBI clearance, make sure that your face should be clean as you will be taken for the biometrics. In the biometrics, you will require to do picture-taking and scanning of the fingerprint. Make sure that before going to the office near your area, you should clean your face just to get a clear picture of the camera.

4). There are few additional things that should be needed at the time of the NBI clearance. It may carry your own black ballpen (black) and you must carry all the original as well as the photocopy of your document. These documents should be needed at the time of the verification.

Sample Certificate  Of NBI Clearance

In the NBI clearance, basically, it contains your name, address, date of birth, place of birth, date of issuance, and the purpose of the request. On the certificate, you will see your photo which will be shown in the later section as well as your thumb mark also. If you want to see how the NBI clearance certificate looks like then you need to scroll up the page and you will see the whole formate of the certificate. With this format, you can make the idea of how this certificate looks like.

Procedure on How to get NBI Clearance

If you really want the NBI clearance then you have to follow the simple procedure which is given below and with this procedure, you can easily get the NBI clearance. So let’s have a look-

1). Firstly, you have to visit the office of the NBI which is near your area. Basically, the office work of the NBI certificate starts from 8AM to 5PM. But if you want to avoid the long line then you have to visit the office after the break, there are very fewer applicants in the office. So your work can be easily done without facing many difficulties.

2). After that, you have to ask for the application form in the NBI office and you have to fill the important details which are needed in the form. You have to keep one thing in the mind that while filling the details, be careful and your handwriting should be clear and easily readable. Now you have to cross-check the details so that the form can be easily submitted.

3). Now, you have to pay the fees of the NBI clearance at the counter of the office. You don’t need to worry because there is another line for the payment so be relax and pay the payment of the NBI clearance properly.

4). For the other formalities, you have to go for fingerprint scanning as well as the picture-taking process. For this, you need to look clean and all the attributes should be seen on your face. If the process is running smoothly then your application form of the NBI clearance will be given to the counter of the printing. You will get your NBI clearance on the same date.

5). Well, if you are facing any kind of difficulty or problem with the entire process of the NBI clerance then our office staff will forward your issue with the proper person just to deal with your problem. Most of the issue will take some time or may your problem delay but be patient.

Well, this was all about NBI clearance and I hope you will understand each and every step to get the certificate. With this informative article, you can get the way to get the NBI clearance and it is very simple as you just need to follow the steps by step instruction. But still in case you are facing any problem or issue then let us know by commenting below in the comment box.