How To Open Your NBI Clearance Application Form Online

Do you know the process to how can we re(open) a NBI Clearance application form online? if not then follow our steps and get your online NBI application form. Many people are stuck with different queries regarding to open nbi clearance application form such as; how to re-open a NBI clearance application form online so then which is available to view again? somebody may accidentally close their window and they do not know how to retrieve it.

These type of queries and more similar queries may happen to you also then it is very simple to solve. But to solve this issue you have to have your your NBI Clearance Online Application Account.

If you have your application account then you have a key with where can you retrieve a copy of your NBI Clearance Application Form. Finally you have to click on the “Print” button.

Now the website will display your NBI Clearance Application Form for you which allows you to take print.

How to (re)open your NBI Clearance Online Application Form

As we discussed above the primary key to success in reopening your NBI Clearance online application form

To there your nbi clearance application form will go! then there you can click on “Print” option which is located there. Then you can get a copy of your own NBI Clearance Online Application form.

Any way, you can also try if this method works simply by entering “my fake NBI Clearance Online Registration Code” and there type inĀ M54030306 and finally hit the submit button and see what will happen.

Also, you need to remember that this method will actually work if you own your NBI Clearance Registration Code with you. If you do not have/remember the code then it is worthless. So that, you have to register again in the NBI Clearance Online Application.

That’s all you need to know about how to re (open) your NBI Clearance Application form. Just use the link in the above paragraph and get easy to open your application form too.