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How To Save NBI Clearance Application Form?

While we do something particularly on our PC/Mobile we need it to save its additional copy for a reference or a proof of the work done. We require the duplicate copy to save in the email, USB or in a simple print (hard copy or soft copy) for duplicate purpose.

Now the question arise is how should I get a duplicate copy of my NBI clearance online application form?

The real-fact is you can’t save a copy of your NBI clearance application form in email, PC or USB device. It has been saved only in the database of National Bureau of Investigation’s website. You need to login your account on NBI’s site in order to see the clearance online application form and download it to keep a duplicate.

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If you really need to save the copy of your online application form and print it for future purposes, please have a look at the below mentioned step by step process for saving NBI clearance online application form:

Steps to Save NBI Clearance Online Application Form

1). Initially, Go through the official NBI’s clearance website through the given link (

2). Now you have fill your email & password correctly and tap login button to enter in your NBI clearance account.

3). After that, search for the “Transaction” menu in the left side of screen and tap on it to show your transaction history.

4). Here you can see all your transactions listed. Now tap on “Details” which will open a new tap displaying your NBI transaction information.

5). Also, here you will see the option as “Print Application Form”. You need to click on it.

6). After clicking on print application form you will see your online application form. Check the details carefully and after that on its right side, you will find a green circle available with print icon. Press on this particular print icon and it will show the print area as pop-up.

7). Now, on the left side bar you will see some options to print your application form. Here the option is available for “save” and also you need to choose a option from the destination menu as well. You need to select “Save as PDF” option and then tap on “Save” this will leads you to select a destination on your system.

8). That’s all! Now you have successfully saved a copy of your NBI clearance online application form.


We have posted this article to offer you the detailed information about how to save a NBI clearance online application form so that you have copy of your filled application form as a proof with necessary credentials.  Follow the above given steps of saving application form process as specified, and complete them to successfully save your NBI clearance form.

Still if you are facing any issue related to your NBI clearance application form or do have any queries/doubts then you can write us via comment section available below. We will definitely help you to find a perfect solution for your needs.