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NBI Clearance E-services

The NBI CLEARANCE eSERVICES is one of the government services that you can easily access from your internet browser. It is helpful for registering, applying, and making an appointment for NBI Clearance. Additionally, the NBI Clearance eServices provide a way for the government to issue clearances to Filipinos while avoiding gatherings, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before the pandemic, the NBI already offered NBI Clearance Online services to Filipinos, which have proven to be of significant help in avoiding long queues and gatherings.

If you are applying for the first time, or if you are a first-time job seeker, NBI clearance online verification can be done through the clearance.nbi.gov.ph website using your mobile or laptop with an internet connection. You can find more information about NBI Clearance eServices in the following lines.

NBI Clearance E-services

This eService offers two types of services. One of them is the ‘Online Verification of NBI Clearance,’ and the second one is ‘First Time Jobseekers.’ You can find explanations in the following lines.

NBI Clearance Online Verification: This service is primarily used for checking the authenticity and validity of your NBI Clearance. In other words, you can also use it to verify whether a person’s NBI Clearance certificate is a duplicate or unregistered.

First Time Jobseekers: If you are searching for your ideal job and require an NBI Clearance (NBI clearance requirements for students), the ‘First Time Jobseekers’ service is a valuable resource as it is a primary requirement and is provided free of cost.

You might be wondering how to access these NBI Clearance eServices and who is eligible to use them. In essence, these services serve different purposes. The online verification is designed to identify fake or unregistered NBI Clearances, while the ‘First Time JobSeekers’ service is tailored for individuals who are applying for their first NBI Clearance.

Using NBI Clearance E-services

If you do not have any idea regarding to usage of NBI Clearance eServices then look at the below mentioned steps.

1). NBI’s website https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/


Like in the image above, which is pointing at the arrow, that means under the NBI Clearance eServices, you can see two options: “NBI Clearance Online Verification” and “First Time Job Seekers“.

NBI Clearance Online Verification

Even if you’re not logged into the NBI’s website, you can still use it to check a person’s NBI certificate. To do this, refer to the image provided below.


After clicking on the NBI Clearance Online Verification, one new window will be pop up, and there online verification will be shown as we given below image.


Here, the online verification is used to check the NBI Clearance properly. You should enter the NBI ID Number in the given box and then click on the “VERIFY” button. We do not recommend using the SCAN QR CODE option because it is not working properly.

First Time Jobseekers

As a first-time job seeker, you have the privilege to avail of one copy of your NBI Clearance for free.

According to the law of R.A No. 11261, known as the “First Time Job Seekers Assistance Act,” you can easily obtain a free copy for all your job requirements from any government agency, including the NBI Clearance.


Whenever you hit on the “FIRST TIME JOBSEEKERS,” then you can see the notification which has been indicated the following notification of RA 11261. So, after reading this notification, you have to click on “OK” button to continue to the new window application and registration.


So, on that note, you can now start the registration process without any fees.

However, the registration for ‘First Time Job Seekers’ is almost the same as that of a new applicant.


NBI Clearance eServices provide an easy way to obtain your NBI clearance online and verify its authenticity. It offers two services: Online Verification of NBI Clearance for checking certificate authenticity and First Time Job Seekers service for those who require the clearance for government agencies or other purposes. The process is simple and efficient, enabling users to obtain their NBI clearance without hassle.