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How To Print or Save Your NBI Clearance Online Application Forms

People always think that having something in the form of hard copy acts as proof. So the member of the NBI clearance thinks the same as well. So, you might be searching for the detail information and the reason to print the application form of the NBI clearance. Then let me tell you that with this amazing article, you will get to know more about your question that has in your mind.

Is it necessary to To Print The NBI Clearance Application Form? Then my answer is directly NO because when you apply for the NBI clearance then the printing or getting the hard copy is optional. There is not necessary to print this application form. As on the website, you will get every information just with the help of the reference number. Every single detail you can get with this number. Now lets, move straight forward and know the answer to your question.

How To Print The Application Form Of The NBI Clearance?

To print the NBI Clearance application form, follow the simple procedure and ensure that it is correctly printed.

  1. Go to the official NBI clearance website and log in using your email and password.
  2. Click on “Transaction” menu and select the transaction history.
  3. Click on “Details” for the transaction you want to print.
  4. Click “Print Application Form” and check the details carefully.
  5. Click the print icon on the right side of the green circle, which will show the print area as a pop-up.
  6. Select “Save as PDF” option and click “Save” to choose a destination on your system.
  7. Your NBI clearance online application form has now been successfully saved.

How to save your NBI Clearance Online Application Form in your USB or Local Drive

Did you face the problem like some others who does not have their own printers at their home. Don’t worry you can use your USB or your Local drive to save anything about your nbi clearance online application form. There few and simple steps to save, we are going to provide them below. Just check out them now:

  1. Open your NBI Clearance online Application form which could be found in an official website.
  2. Once you’ve seen the NBI Clearance Online Application Form, then you have to click on the print button which is appear on your screen.

For Chrome Browser: To save your NBI clearance online application form as a PDF, open it in Google Chrome and click on the “Change” button. Select “Save As PDF” under the “Local Destination” list of destinations, which will open the Save As pop-up window. Ensure that the layout is portrait, the margins are default, and headers and footers are selected. Click the save button to save the file to your USB drive or local drive.

For Firefox: To save your NBI Clearance online application form as a PDF in Mozilla Firefox, open the form and click on the Print option button. In the pop-up window, select Microsoft XPS Document Writer as the printer name. Click OK to open the Save Print Output As window. Ensure that “XPS Document (*.xps)” is selected under “Save as Type” at the bottom of the window. Name the file as you prefer and save it to your local drive or USB.

For Microsoft Edge: To save your NBI Clearance online application form as a PDF, click the Print button on the form, which will open the Print pop-up window. Make sure to select “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” as your printer and then click the print button. In the Save Print Output As window that appears, ensure that “XPS Document (*.xps)” is selected as the “Save as Type.” Then, enter your preferred file name and save it in your local drive or USB.

Various Reasons Why Don’t Have To Print The NBI Clearance Application Form?

When filling out the NBI clearance form, it is saved in the website database, and a printed copy is unnecessary. NBI personnel can access member information with the reference number. Bringing a printed copy is also unnecessary, as the personnel will only need the reference number to access the information on their computer screen. Personnel cannot copy or type personal information due to privacy risks.

In Case If You Don’t Have The Application Form, Then What Are The Requirements?

When paying for NBI clearance at a 7-Eleven store, keep the payment receipt as proof of payment. Bring at least two valid IDs, including a Philippine passport (if available), or other valid IDs (excluding the NBI Clearance application). Additionally, bring the reference number of the NBI Clearance online form.

What Happen When You Don’t Find The Button Of The Information?

When making a payment for the NBI clearance, it is important to confirm the status of the transaction. Once payment is complete, wait for one or two hours for the status to update. If the status shows “PAID” without information, adjust the screen resolution by zooming in to see the whole page and locate the missing details of the button setup.


There is no need to print the NBI clearance form as the details can be accessed with just the reference number on the website. For any further questions related to NBI clearance, feel free to ask in the comment section, and we will provide detailed posts to clear any doubts.