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How To Print or Save Your NBI Clearance Online Application Forms

People always think that having something in the form of hard copy acts as proof. So the member of the NBI clearance thinks the same as well. So, you might be searching for the detail information and the reason to print the application form of the NBI clearance. Then let me tell you that with this amazing article, you will get to know more about your question that has in your mind.

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Is it necessary to To Print The NBI Clearance Application Form? Then my answer is directly NO because when you apply for the NBI clearance then the printing or getting the hard copy is optional. There is not necessary to print this application form. As on the website, you will get every information just with the help of the reference number. Every single detail you can get with this number. Now lets, move straight forward and know the answer to your question.

Various Reasons Why Don’t Have To Print The NBI Clearance Application Form?

In this digital world, if you are filling any form then it will automatically save on his or her database. So similarly with this NBI application form, there is no need to print or get the hard copy with you. Now below, I am sharing the various reasons so that you can clear about this question.

  • As we all know that, when we fill the NBI clearance form, then it will save in the database of the website. Even if you go to the braches of the NBI clearance then there is no need. Because with the help of the reference number, they can easily access the details of the member.
  • From the various branches, it is clear that the print of the NBI application form is not necessary. As they have a copy of every single member in their database. So it is confirmed by the NBI Clearance Personnel that it is not important.
  • Even if you bring the hardware copy of the application form. Then the person who is there for your help will ignore the information that is written on the hardcopy. Only he/she will see your reference number and type this number on your computer. Now the information will be shown on the computer screen.
  • The most important thing that the personnel of the NBI clearance application form is not able to copy or even type the information of the member. As most of the time, there is the risk of sharing personal information. Now there is no need to worry about this thing and here you are totally safe.

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How To Print The Application Form Of The NBI Clearance?

NBI Clearance application form can be easily printed. But make sure that before printing this form, you need to follow the simple procedure, and finally, you can print this NBI Clearance form.

  • You need to first of all open the online account of the NBI Clearance and the page of the transaction appears.
  • The transaction page shows the information about the paid and the transaction which is pending.
  • Now in the third column which is basically named as the “ACTIONS”. You just need to go to the DETAILS button by just clicking on it.
  • And, on the small window, you will see the reference number of the transaction that you have paid.
  • Just click on the bottom of the window and click on the button of the PRINT APPLICATION FORM.
  • After that, the new tab will open and the application form will load on that tab. At this time where you can easily print your application form.

What Happen When You Don’t Find The Button Of The Information?

There is no need to be panic if you don’t see the button of the information. Because without filling the important detail, the NBI clearance form is not filled. Now with the help of the information provided below, you can easily get the button. Just have a look-

  • As there are various options available for the payment on the website. If you earlier paid your NBI clearance. Then there is no need to worry.
  • If you complete the transaction then you have to click on the confirm status of the transaction if its pending once your payment is done.
  • Just wait for one or two hours once your status updated. Once you have paid for the application, then you will see the detail of the button available.
  • If you see the status of the application is PAID then there is no detail of the information. In that situation, there is another method so that this problem can be solved.
  • Most of the time what happens, the resolution of the screen is low so on your website, you will not see the whole page. As the page can cut-off the place where the detail of the button is setup.
  • Now you have to zoom the screen because this website of the NBI Clearance is created just to adopt the resolution of the screen.
  • If the information o the button is missing then you need to adjust the screen by zooming it.

In Case If You Don’t Have The Application Form, Then What Are The Requirements?

If you want to print the application form and you don’t have the form. Then, I would like to suggest you to never print this form. You need to bring the below things-

  • You must have the receipt of the payment if you paid the NBI clearance in 7-Eleven.  This will perform as proof of the payment.
  • Carry at least two valid IDs and must carry the passport of the Philippine. But in case, if you don’t have the passport then carry the other valid IDs accept the NBI Clearance application.
  • Even, you should have the reference number of the NBI Clearance online form.

Few Verdict 

With this valuable post, you will get to know about the requirement of the printed form of the NBI clearance. Basically, this form consists of the detail of the member and with this post, we concluded that there is no need to print the form. Because on the website, you can see the detail by just entering the reference number.

So, all you need to keep in touch with us by just asking these types of questions or queries in your mind related to the NBI clearance. Then feel free to ask us in the comment section below, we will write a details post to clear all your doubts. Even still you are not clear then leave the comment in the comment section.