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How To Check If You Have Hit In NBI

The term “hit” is commonly used by NBI Clearance Outlets in the Philippines. With a population of over 104 million, it’s not uncommon for individuals to share names with others. In cases where an applicant shares a name with someone else who has applied for NBI Clearance, further verification is required before the clearance can be released.

What Will Happen If You Have a “Hit” in NBI

When you apply for an NBI Clearance, one possible outcome is receiving a “hit.” This term refers to a situation where your name matches or is similar to another individual in the NBI’s database, who may have a criminal record or pending case. It’s important to understand that a “hit” doesn’t automatically imply you’re involved in criminal activities. It simply triggers a more thorough review of your records to ensure accuracy and security.

How to Know If You Have a “Hit” in NBI

You will be informed by the NBI personnel during your clearance processing if you have a “hit.” Additionally, you can check the status of your NBI Clearance application online through the NBI’s official website. If your application status indicates a delay or requests your presence for further verification, it’s likely due to a “hit.” In such cases, it’s advisable to prepare for a possible interview or additional verification steps.

How Many Days to Get NBI Clearance with a “Hit”

The processing time for an NBI Clearance with a “hit” can vary. Typically, it may take an additional 10 to 15 working days on top of the standard processing time. This extended period allows the NBI to conduct a more detailed background check. It’s crucial to be patient during this time and to keep in touch with the NBI office for updates. Remember, this process ensures that your clearance is accurate and reliable.

How to Handle an NBI Clearance ‘Hit’

If you receive a ‘HIT’ status, there’s no need to panic, especially if you have no criminal record. The best course of action is to wait patiently at home and continue with your daily life. You’ll need to return to the NBI branch on the specified release date to claim your clearance. Alternatively, you can authorize someone to pick it up on your behalf.

The Dread of Namesake Issues

Stories abound of individuals facing complications due to sharing a name with someone who has a criminal record. In such cases, the NBI conducts a thorough investigation to ascertain your identity.

Understanding the NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview

This interview is a crucial step where NBI personnel verify the identity of applicants who have received a ‘HIT’ status. This usually occurs when an applicant shares a name with someone who has a pending case or arrest warrant.

Why Does This Happen?

The need for a Quality Control Interview can be frustrating, but it’s a necessary step to ensure that NBI Clearances are issued to the right individuals. Reasons for a ‘HIT’ status can include pending legal cases or arrest warrants, either under your name or your namesake’s.

Dress Code for NBI Clearance Application

When applying for NBI Clearance, it’s important to dress appropriately. While there’s no official policy on dress code, it’s generally advisable to wear tidy, casual attire when visiting NBI Clearance outlets. This reflects respect for the process and the officials involved.