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You’ve been HIT: Reasons why you can’t afford One Day Processing NBI Clearance

“Hit” is a term which is used by the NBI Clearance Outlets but if an applicant has the namesake and also required to be the NBI Clearance to be verified further before it released to its owner. You may wonder about there are 104 million (and still counting) breathing individuals in Philippines country. So then with that particular size of the population, there is a very small chance which you have had a namesake that who has already been applied for their NBI Clearance.

Once you noticed that NBI Clearance HIT status appears, then the NBI Personnel needs to be perform for upcoming verification on the applicant’s identity. All of the applicants were instructed for returning after eight (8) to ten (10) working days to claim their NBI Clearance Online Application.

What to do when you were HIT?

If you’ve received a HIT then what should you have to do? simple! as long as you do not have any criminal record on you, then you do not have to worry about it. First of all you need to do is wait at comforts of your home and you have to keep on go with your life. You need also to wait for the release date of your NBI Clearance, you can comeback to the branch where you have applied and also claim it or else ask someone (authorized representative) to pick your NBI Clearance for you. You must be patient.

You might have been aware of different horror stories simply about having a namesake with the criminal records, isn’t it? This is the time whenever the NBI Personnel do a further investigation regarding you.

The time has come (After Several Days of Waiting!)

Whenever the assigned date has come to be release of your NBI Clearance arrives, come as early as possible. You can do it simply by claiming your NBI Clearance must be the quickest business for you since they have already done what they wanted to do.

Mostly the aspect that you could make you stay more longer and also delays you to get your NBI Clearance Online is due to:

  • Most of the long queue lines why because high volume of NBI clearance applicants and also the people who also would like to claim their NBI Clearance scheduled on the same day as yours.
  • NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview.

We always give an advise you for have minimum of two government ids and also your NBI Clearance Receipt. Here the valid id’s will prove your identity when they are requiring you to a fellowship on the spot NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview.

What is NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview?

The NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview is the procedure by what an NBI Clearance personal reviews or else verify a true identity of the NBI Clearance applicant.

This actually do happen each and every time that an applicant with a namesake have been a pending case or else arrest warrant.

However this result by receiving this NBI Clearance HIT Status in the Database verification procedure. This derogatory record could be his/her personal criminal case or else under his namesake. In a short, your name was tagged like a critical and NBI wants make sure that they would be giving out NBI Clearances to “clean” persons.

Why is this Happening?

Here the disappointment of do not having your NBI Clearance can really bugs you during sitting on the cab going to the NBI Main Office. But why did NBI Clearance Main office doing this Quality Control Interview? At that time you may have realized few things which might have been like a good reason why many applicants are suffering to this.

May be because of some reasons such as:

  • You have a pending or ongoing case.
  • You are under for arrest and needs to be identified in relation to a crime by the Police Authorities
  • Your Namesake has a pending or ongoing case or
  • Your namesake are under for arrest and needs to be identified in relation to a crime by the Police Authorities

Here we have another peace of advice is, wear the appropriate attire when going to NBI Clearance Branch.

But when you’re applying for the NBI Clearance, then you must maintain some casual look such as by wearing casual attire is normally appropriate. You must be keep in mind which is always important for being tidy and also well-groomed during an application of your.

But Unfortunately, the way of dressing sense that you wear everyday to the local mall, or out along with your friends, they are normally not suitable inside the NBI Clearance outlets. Of course there is certain (unwritten) policy.

But honestly, if there is any thing, that you haven’t seen the official policy statement concerning the dress code inside of the NBI Clearance centers. Any type of wise man that could argue with you which since there is no written policy regarding to this, however you can deliberately wear anything. Here what we are trying to follow here is a “general rule” whenever making any kind of transactions with all the Government Establishments.