NBI DFA Apostille Appointment Online

The Department of Foreign Affairs now offers online appointments for NBI DFA Apostille. On May 9, 2019, the Red Ribbon was placed in the Apostle’s position. Even now, many people consider document authentication as a red ribbon, unlike an Apostille. The Apostille document verification and authentication system were started on March 9, 2021. This system allows you to schedule an appointment to authenticate your documents in selected DFA offices. All 

Department of Foreign Affairs offices are not offering online document authentication. It would help if you chose which offices are offering the Apostille document authentication online. 

How to Make Apostille Online Appointment 

  • Visit the Apostille appointment-scheduling page: https://www.apostilleonline.ph/On this page, you can see several guidelines, terms, and conditions. Read all the required information before making an appointment. 
  • Click the “START APPOINTMENT” button below the page.
  • If you have an account, log in to the page using your username and password. If not, click the “Create New Account” tab to create a new account for Apostille online appointment scheduling.
  • To get a new account, enter your name, last name, gender, and email, create a password, and enter your phone number. Finally, accept the terms and conditions. 
  • After completing the procedure, the website will send a verification link to your registered email address for authentication. 
  • Click the link that you received through an email.
  • After this, log into the appointment-scheduling page using your new account username and password.
  • Click the “START NEW APPOINTMENT” on the login page.
  • After clicking the “START APPOINTMENT” button, you will pop up a menu where you can find several FDA details. Read all the information carefully and click the “OK” button.
  • Enter the document owner’s name and select which document type needs verification. 
  • Select your country.
  • Click the “I’m not a robot” option.
  • Select the branch office for document verification. 
  • After this, select the branch office for document verification.
  • Select the appointment time and date
  • Make a payment online to schedule an appointment.

Finally, print the appointment confirmation page and bring it during the appointment. 

DFA Appointment Apostille Slot Available 2023

You can see slot availability on the appointment-scheduling page. Every year you can see several slot availabilities. You can’t check the slot availability until you fill in the abovementioned information on this page. After filling in your details and selecting the document authentication branch office, you can choose the appointment scheduling date.

DFA Apostille Appointment Not Available

Most of the time, you can see slot availability. If there is no availability, you must make an appointment on the available dates. Visit the website frequently to check slot availability. The FDA is allowing thousands of people to schedule an appointment per day. Please read the information above to get a quick appointment for Apostille document verification.

DFA Red Ribbon Online Appointment

Department of Foreign Affairs Red Ribbon appointments and Apostille appointments are the same. Now Red Ribbon applications are considered Apostille applicants. So you can make an appointment as Apostille on the official website mentioned above.

DFA Apostille Appointment Walk In

Unfortunately, The DFA is not allowing walk-ins without an appointment. You must schedule an appointment to visit the DFA office for Apostille document authentication. DFA online appointment for authentication is much simple than walk-ins. However, you must select the available office to authenticate your documents. 

DFA Apostille Appointment Urgent

You can’t get urgent appointments online. The NBI Apostille appointment online procedure can take longer to allow you to visit the DFA office for Apostille document authentication. However, you can visit the DFA branch office to request an urgent Apostille appointment. The Department of Foreign Affairs provides urgent appointments if there are any vacancies. 


The NBI Apostille appointment online procedure is straightforward. You can schedule an appointment on their official website. You must create an account to schedule an appointment and select the type of document needed for online authentication. After this, you must choose the DFA Apostille online appointment branch office to authenticate your document. Also, you will need to make a payment to complete this procedure. After completing the scheduling procedure, print the confirmation page to visit the selected DFA office. If you have any doubts, leave a comment for us. 

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