NBI Clearance Online Appointment 2023

All your questions on “How to Apply the NBI Clearance Online” will be answered by this article. From securing the NBI clearance online application form, this article will guide you all throughout the process successfully. We will provide the most accurate information to make sure that you secure the needed clearance with convenience.

The NBI online registration is now being used by thousands of applicants nationwide. If you wish to apply but still new with the NBI online application, this website will give you the most updated step by step guide.

Like any other online application, the NBI clearance will start from requiring you to fill in your important personal information such as name, gender, address, place of birth, among others. We will also provide you with the link of NBI online registration below from where you can begin filling in the necessary information.

NBI Clearance Online Registration

To start this process, you need to have a personal email address or one that you are officially using. If you have none, it is important to make an email account to start the process. The registration confirmation along with the billing/payment information will be sent to your email account.

1). Register your Email Address

Register an account using this link, https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/. By doing this, you need to enter your personal email address or one that is existing.


2). Register as New Account

On the register page, you will first be asked if you have an old NBI clearance issued. Being a new applicant tick the “NO” box. Below are fields where you need to fill in your personal information. Remember to fill in all the required fields and tick the box, Tick on “Read and ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE” to confirm that you agree with their terms. And finally click the “Sign Up” box where you will be directed to the next page.


Important reminder page will pop up after clicking the Sign Up box. You need to review the important information such as name, last name and if you want to know how to change last name in nbi clearance online then refer this page, birth date and email address. Once confirmed, you can no longer revise the information. You need to click the YES box to navigate you to the next page.

For old applicants who wish to renew their clearance, tick the “YES” box. You will also be prompted to fill in the required fields.

Yes Register NBI

After which, click “PROCEED” to be able to go to the next page.

3). NBI Clearance OTP

NBI clearance started using OTP for online applications. Once you click on PROCEED then will send OTP to your Registered mobile number and Email address and its valid only 5 mins. So you must need to enter within 5mins otherwise it will be expired. Below we providing samples of OTP you can check them.



4). Applicant Information

On the Applicant Information page, you will be required to fill in necessary fields such as “Applicant Information”, “Contact Details”, “Family background” and “Other Information”. Again, remember to fill in all the required fields. Once finished with the filling in of the NBI online application form, click the “Save Information” box.

nbi clearance online

Once the Save Information box is clicked, you will be prompted to the page where the summary of the Applicant Information is being displayed. You need to double check all the information being shown. If there is incorrect information, you will have the opportunity to edit by ticking the EDIT button.

nbi clearance online application 2

After reviewing everything and doubled check all the information displayed on the screen are correct, you can now click the “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button.

Required Documents For NBI Clearance Application

Valid identification cards are also required during the NBI online application. Make sure carry required document for nbi clearance while applying online, you have at least one (1) valid identification card which you are going to present during the scheduled appointment. After you are done clicking the APPLY FOR CLEARANCE button, another window will be displayed opting you to select any of the available identification card from the list below:

  • Passport
  • Voter’s ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID
  • Senior Citizen Card
  • SSS ID
  • NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate
  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • PRC License
  • Philippine Health Insurance (PhilHealth)
  • School ID
  • Postal ID
  • Copy of Previous NBI Clearance

Once done with selecting which valid identification card you will be using, click the I AGREE button to complete this page and proceed with the next step.

How To Schedule NBI Appointment In Any Branch

The first thing that needs to be done in setting up an nbi clearance appointment is choosing the NBI branch from where you wish to secure the clearance. Choosing the nbi clearance branches location nearest to you might be the most convenient option.

How to Schedule NBI

After choosing the NBI branch, you can now select an appointment schedule. Depending on the available slot, you can select the date and time you wish to setup the appointment schedule ticking of course the AM or PM button. Generally, the appointment schedule should be set during office hours from Monday to Friday.

NBI Clearance Payment Transaction

 At the right side of the same screen from where you set up an appointment schedule are the summary details of the total amount to be paid along with the preferred appointment schedule. To complete this process, you need to choose the payment transaction clicking the available options provided. You will also be notified of the payment schedule.

Payment Transaction NBI

If your payment option is through 7-Eleven or any Bayad Center, another window will pop up for how to pay nbi clearance in 7/11 we provided info here and about how much nbi clearance in gcash refer this . This will display the total amount to be paid along with your transaction reference number. You can screen grab the reference number or write it down for convenient process during the selected payment transaction. You will also be given information as to until when the payment should be done.

Upon completing the payment transaction from the chosen option, you can check the status of your NBI clearance online application. If done with the payment, your status will be changed from PENDING to PAID.

Processing After Completing the NBI Clearance Online Registration

 You can only process the remaining steps in securing the NBI clearance on the selected appointment schedule. Once you have completed filling in the NBI clearance online application and made the necessary payment, you are now ready to process the clearance on the preferred NBI branch following the chosen appointment schedule. Take note that you will not be entertained if you process the clearance not on the approved appointment schedule.

When proceeding to the chosen NBI branch during the appointment schedule, you need to bring along at least “Two (2) valid identification cards”. There is no need to print out the NBI clearance online application form, you only have to bring along your NBI clearance online reference number and NBI clearance online payment receipt.

Biometrics and Photo Capture Of NBI Clearance

During the appointment schedule at the preferred NBI branch, inform the personnel of your schedule. They will assist you on the next steps like finger print scanning or biometrics and photo capture. And take note to observe the first come, first serve policy with priority lanes for PWD, senior citizens and pregnant women.

Biometrics and Photo Capture


Within a few minutes, you can wait the release of your NBI clearance. For as long as you do not have the Hit status, you can immediately secure the said clearance.

What To Do When You Have the Hit Status?

HIT status means that there are other applicants bearing the same information as you, generally the name. They need to further verify the information if want to know what to do if with hit in nbi clearance then this article will help you, the reason why NBI cannot immediately release the clearance. The personnel will inform you of the HIT status and normally your clearance will be released after a maximum of 10-15 days.

If you still have other questions on how to process the NBI clearance online application, please leave a comment below and we are here to assist you.