What Should I Do If I Get Hit In NBI Clearance?

In this world, there are various people who have a similar name. So it might be difficult for the NBI members to recognize the right person who is not involved in any criminal case. As basically, people apply for the clearance of the NBI, so with the help of the information saved in the database. You can easily check your status.

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Well, in this article, you will get to know how the NBI clearance can hit your status. You need to read this article very carefully then only you can collect the information and even clear your doubt which you are facing in your mind.

In What Ways, The NBI Clearance Hit Your Work?

If you want to hit the NBI clearance then you have to search for the result. And if you are involved in the criminal case. Then at this time, the person can hit the status which will totally affect your work. Even you have to undergo the process of verification.

You have to keep this thing in mind that the cases which are under the Civil are not covered by the clearance of the NBI and even the information is also not saved in the database of the system. The cases may include the annulments, ejectments, and funds claims. So you have to keep these things in your mind.

Now you can collect or extract the information in the database. Let’s move straight and look at the people which can help you to collect the information-

  • Courts of MTC, MTCC, MCTC, and RTC.
  • Prosecution Service (City and Provincial Prosecution Offices).
  • Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan
  • Police and AFP records

If you want to know where your name is under the case of the criminal or not. Then you have to delays the insurance of the NBI. As it is not compulsory that every application which hits the status will find in jail. So the above people will help you to collect the information.

Once You Hit The NBI Clearance, How Many Days To Get The NBI Clearance

Basically, the member will receive the status after 5 to 10 days of the NBI clearance hit. It is because the research of the NBI clearance team wants to know that, Is there is any derogatory record of you. As soon as the waiting period is completed, you will get your record of your criminal in the office of the NBI without paying any additional fees.

You actually need to take the part by just attending the “NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview” where te records of the derogatory will prove you. The aim of this interview is to give the permission of the agents of the NBI which has more experience of your identity. It might not be fake and the correct information should be provided to the agent. So there is no need to worry if, in your past, you are involved in the case of the criminal.

If you Attend The Interview, then Must carry The Below Documents:

  • First of all, you need to carry your 2 original documents or valid IDs.
  • Receipt of the NBI clearance and the print out of the application form of the NBI clearance.
  • You need to carry the original as well as the photocopy. Because it totally depends on the decision of the court.
  • Must carry the pen with you. So that you don’t need to take from the other. If you carry the black then it is well good.

So before going for the job interview, you just require the above things. So once you have proved that the case is dismissed. So just according to the needs and the requirements, your NBI clearance hit will be issued to you easily. In case, you have the case which is pending. Then it will be reflected on the NBI certificate once it was released.