What Should I Do If I Get Hit In NBI Clearance? Steps to Resolve Clearance Issues

Receiving a ‘hit’ on your NBI Clearance can be unsettling. This status indicates that there may be an issue requiring further verification, and is usually the result of a name match to a person with a pending criminal case or a past record. It’s imperative to understand that a hit does not immediately signify guilt or a criminal past; it may simply mean a more thorough review is needed to ensure the accuracy of the information tied to your identity.

Your immediate step upon encountering a hit should be to prepare for the Quality Control Interview (QCI) scheduled by the National Bureau of Investigation. This interview is a standard procedure aimed at verifying your personal details and investigating the cause of the hit status. It is crucial to attend this appointment and provide any required documentation to clear your name, especially if the record does not pertain to you but to someone else with the same or similar name.

Maintaining a clear NBI Clearance is essential for employment and other legal procedures in the Philippines, so it’s important to address any hits promptly and cooperatively. The process is designed to protect individual identities while ensuring the integrity of the legal system. By following the protocols set by the NBI, you can swiftly resolve the matter.

Immediate Steps After Encountering a ‘Hit’ Status

When you are notified of a ‘hit’ on your NBI clearance, it’s critical to act promptly to verify the status, schedule the required interviews, and prepare your documentation to resolve the matter.

Verifying the ‘Hit’ Status

The first step upon receiving a ‘hit’ on your NBI clearance is to confirm the issue with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). This ‘hit’ indicates there might be a namesake or a pending or past criminal case linked to your personal details. Make sure you have your NBI ID number and a valid government-issued ID handy for verification.

Scheduling the Quality Control Interview

Once a ‘hit’ is verified, your next move is to schedule a Quality Control Interview (QCI). You should:

  • Log in to the NBI’s online services and choose an appointment online.
  • Select a date for your interview.
  • Take note of the appointment date and ensure to attend the NBI Clearance Center as instructed.

Preparing for the Interview

Before your scheduled interview, prepare the necessary documents. You will need:

  • The printout of your NBI clearance application with the ‘hit’ status.
  • At least two forms of valid government-issued ID.
  • If applicable, an affidavit of denial or documents relating to a previous criminal case.
  • Be ready to take an oath if required to affirm your statements.

Attend the interview to provide clarification about your record and proceed with the verification process.

Post-Interview and Clearance Procedures

After you have gone through the Quality Control Interview (QCI), the subsequent steps are vital to finalizing your National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance process. Whether your clearance will be issued or further actions are required depends on the outcome of this interview.

Clearance Issuance or Further Actions

If cleared, you will proceed to the printing and releasing area. Here you will:

  • Pay the required fee if not already done so.
  • Have your fingerprint scanned for records.
  • Receive the printing and releasing time for your NBI Clearance.

Should there be further actions required, such as dealing with a pending criminal case, the resident lawyer might advise you to:

  • Prepare or submit additional notarized documents.
  • Follow specific legal steps as per Data Privacy Act of 2012 guidelines to protect your privacy.

Your cooperation throughout the process ensures the accuracy of criminal records and upholds the integrity of your identity within the NBI system.

Understanding the Interview Outcome

If your interview confirms that you do not have a criminal record or pending criminal case that matches your details, or that any hit was a mistaken identity, you will be cleared. The outcome of the interview will determine if your NBI Clearance is marked with a disposition clearance, which signifies that any previous concerns have been settled. In the event of a match or an ongoing case, you will be guided on the next steps, which may involve legal documents or a court decision.