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How to Get NBI Clearance or Renew Even If I’m Abroad

When you are working abroad and wanted to secure an NBI clearance, the big question that comes into your mind is whether or not the process can be made possible. Since one of the requirements in applying for the clearance is personal appearance, you are now thinking twice not to pursue your application. Don’t worry if you wanted to apply or renew your NBI clearance for abroad because this article will be providing you with the step by step guide on how.

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Many of the Filipinos working abroad wanted to apply an NBI clearance which they will be using for some purposes are hesitant because they are confused of the process. The National Bureau of Investigation has designed an initiative to make applying the NBI clearance abroad attainable for Filipinos working outside the country.

NBI clearance is one of the most important legal documents which need to be updated. The validity of this document is only for a year and if you have example a three year contract abroad, the hesitation of securing one comes in. It sounds funny going back to the Philippines only to get or renew your NBI clearance. But great news, securing an NBI clearance for abroad is now offered by the agency!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get or Renew the NBI Clearance Abroad

Just follow through and we will be guiding you on how to secure your NBI clearance abroad. Consider the below options:

  1. through an authorized representative living in the Philippines; and
  2. without a representative.

NBI Clearance for Abroad Through an Authorized Representative

Find a big relief if you have relatives or friends in the Philippines who can represent in your behalf to secure the needed NBI clearance while you are abroad. Here are the steps you need to follow when applying NBI clearance through an authorized representative:

Gather the Necessary Requirements

For New Applicants

Remember to complete the following requirements:

  1. NBI Form No. 5 or the Fingerprint Form : This form is accessible from the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in your host country. Your representative can also secure this form at Mailed Clearance Section, 3rd Floor, NBI Clearance Building, UN Avenue, Manila. As soon as the form had been filled in, your signature should have a rolled impression either from the nearest police station or the Embassy. The form should also be signed by the person who interpreted your fingerprint impression. Depending on the country, the fee for fingerprint service in the Embassy varies.

NBI Clearance or Renew Abroad

  1. Photocopy of any valid ID issued by the host country or passport : Even abroad, make sure that you carry along valid Ids which are issued from your host country. In case of passport, reproduce the bio page or the stamp page showing the most recent departure.
  1. Photo : The standard photo size requirement for NBI clearance abroad is 2×2 passport size on a white background.
  2. Authorization letter : When preparing an authorization letter, state the name of your authorized representative who will process the NBI clearance along with your signature.

For Renewal

Here are the following documents needed for renewal of NBI clearance abroad:

  1. Old NBI clearance

An original copy of your old NBI clearance is one of the most important documents that your representative needs to present when securing the clearance. If you have this document, there is no need to secure the NBI form no. 5. But in case you wanted to keep things safer, you can secure both the old NBI clearance and NBI form no. 5.

  1. Photocopy of any valid ID issued by the host country or passport : The same with the new application, the renewal of NBI clearance abroad also requires the photocopy of any valid ID from your host country. In case of the passport, photocopy the bio page or the stamp page showing the most recent departure.
  2. Photo :Similar to other legal documents, the photo needed for NBI clearance abroad is 2×2 passport size with a white background.
  3. Authorization letter : In preparing the authorization letter, you must state the name of your representative and affix your signature at the bottom.

Upon completing the above-mentioned documents, find a reliable courier to deliver the package to your authorized representative who will take charge of handling them to any NBI branch.  The FedEx is one of the most reliable couriers you can trust and manage to deliver the documents as fast as 3 days.

  1. Schedule an Appointment Online

To all NBI clearance applicants, setting up an online appointment is a must before stepping in to any branch. Either you or your authorized representative can set up the schedule of clearance for abroad online appointment.

Below will guide you of the online application:

  1. Visit the official site of NBI clearance online application
  2. On the Register page, you need to start from the very beginning which means filling in of the form supplying all required information. If you are applying for a renewal, tick the “YES” box answering the question, “DO YOU HAVE AN OLD NBI CLEARANCE”?
  3. Once the registration form has been completed filling in, you can now sign in using your emails address and password. On the upper right section of the Information page, tick the “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” button.
  4. A pop-up window will then load asking the type of ID you will present during the appointment. Click the passport option and then hit the “I AGREE” button.
  5. Select your appointment schedule. For Filipinos abroad, the only NBI station that process the NBI clearance application both new and renewal is at UN Avenue, Manila.
  6. You will then be directed to choose your payment method. A reference number will be provided. This will be necessary during payment.
  7. Payment option. There are different payment options. You can give the reference number to your authorized representative and allow them to do the payment in preferred payment center. Those applicants for NBI clearance abroad with bank account online, the payment can be done immediately online. The NBI clearance for abroad online normally costs 130.00 plus additional charge in using the e-payment service.

Hand Over all the Required Documents To NBI

  1. Right on the date of scheduled appointment, your authorized representative will proceed to NBI carrying all the required documents. Your representative must hand over the documents in the Mailed Clearance Section at the 3rd Floor of NBI Clearance Building, UN Avenue, Manila.
  2. The NBI personnel in-charge will verify the payment through the reference number provided. No need to pay for other fees once you have already paid the clearance online.
  3. The submitted documents will be scanned. Your authorized representative will be coming back to secure your clearance using the given claim date.

Release of NBI Clearance

Remind your authorized representative to return to the NBI office when the claim date arrived for the release of your NBI clearance. The newly issued NBI clearance will then be mailed by your representative to the country from where you are located and let it stamped by the Consulate upon receiving.

Alternate : NBI Clearance for Abroad Without a Representative

If you don’t have anyone in the Philippines to process your NBI clearance, you can secure the same following the steps below:

  1. Complete All Necessary Requirements

Similar to other NBI clearance for abroad application, here are the following documents you should secure:

  1. NBI form no. 5 or old NBI clearance
  2. Fingerprint on NBI form no. 5 should have a rolled impression from the Consulate/Embassy or the nearest police station
  3. 2×2 passport sized photo with white background and taken 3 months prior to the application
  4. Enclose a bank draft or money order amounting to P200.00. a cash amount is also accepted.
  5. All documents should be mailed to
  • Ms. Sandra P. Sobida
  • Mailed Clearance Section
  • 3rd Floor, NBI Clearance Bldg.,
  • UN Avenue, Ermita, Manila, Philippines

Ms. Sobida can also be reached at (+632) 523 8231 local 5465.

Wait for the Delivery of your NBI Clearance

Upon receipt of your mailed documents, the processing time of your NBI clearance normally takes a maximum of five (5) working days.

No Authorization Letter is Needed

 If you consider this step in processing your NBI clearance abroad, you don’t have to issue an authorization letter.

Now that we have provided the two options in securing your NBI clearance for abroad application, you can now have a choice which method is more convenient. I hope that this article has helped Filipinos working or residing abroad in securing their NBI clearance. If you have comments or additional information about processing the NBI clearance abroad, feel free to leave a message below.