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How To Get NBI Clearance in Dubai or UAE

For the Dubai citizens, NBI clearance is the document which is issued by the National Bureau of Investigation. You will get the fingerprint card which will be given as the application for NBI Clearance.  It totally ensures the security of screening that can be considered as the evidence and this rule comes just to get the high levels of security. As it, is not required if you are working in Dubai but it can be needed for any purpose like migration for another country.

Do you know how much is an nbi clearance fee

In your mind, the question arises that now you have to go to the Philipines right? But you don’t need to go to the Philipines just for your NBI clearance. You can get this certificate in Dubai also by just go to the office of the Philippine Consulate General. Only this will going to issue the card for the NBI clearance. This clearance will signify as the proof for the Dubai citizens that you are not involved in any of the criminal records.

So if you are searching for the latest and the updated information just to get your NB clearance in Dubai then in this post you will get everything. You need need to fill the form pf the NBI Clearance and follow the further process carefully.

How Can I Get NBI Clearance In Dubai OR UAE ?

You must have this question in your mind if you are living in another country. It seems a very difficult task but lets me tell you that it is not impossible to get your NBI clearance. If you a new person in Dubai then you are not aware of how the government document is issued. his process is not for one day and you will not your clearance on the same day. After 7 days you will get your NBI clearance at your home.

So I think, on the website of the NBI clearance the whole process is mention if you are living abroad also. You can get your NBI clearance in your respective Philippine Consulate. But you need to go to the nearby Philippine Consulate There you can get to know the whole process of the NBI clearance. First of all, you need to ready your document that you need to carry in the office. So if you don’t know the required documents then below I am going to share the list of the documents as well as the complete process.

Requirements For Getting An NBI Clearance In Dubai?

Mostly in abroad, you need the same document which you want in the Philippines. If you want the clearance from the NBI in Dubai then below I am going to share each and every document that you required at the time of your NBI clearance. These are the following documents-

  • In the very first, you need the Form No0-5 of the NBI and the SPA form
  • You need the 2” x 2” photograph which should have a white background. Make sure that the photo should be taken within 3 months.
  • You should carry your original as well as the photocopy of your passport  and the VISA
  • There you need to do the payment then you should have  340 AED

You don’t need to pay for the Form No-5 as it is totally free of cost. This Form No-5 can simply get this NBI clearance document in the  Philippine Consulate. So you must carry the above document if you want the NBI clearance.

Steps In Getting An NBI Clearance?

If want to apply for the clearance f the NBI in Dubai then here you come at the best post. Here below I am going to share the steps which is too much easy. So let’s move further.

  • First of all, you need to go to the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai. If you don’t have the address then Villa No. 234-851, Beirut Street, Al Qusais 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates s the complete address with contact numbers +971 4 2207100. You need to fits the need to make the appointment.
  • When you reach the office of the NBI clearance in Dubai then you don’t need to waste a single second. There you need to take the For No-5 and definitely, they will help you.
  • After that, you need to fill the details in the form No-5 very carefully without having any mistake. Make sure while filling the details on the form, you need to use the black ball pen. Jut in 15 minutes, you can finish the full form as they will ask you the general details like Name, Birthday, Gender, Present Address and other kinds of stuff
  • If you have complete the NBI clearance form then you need to paste the 2×2 photograph of yours in the space which is given in form No-5. Now you have to complete the part of the thumb impression in the application form.
  • Here you need assistance from the police agency just to have the fingerprints. Space is given on the form and after this process is complete. You need to make sure that the person who assisted you has signed his/her name as well as the designation n the form No-5.
  • Now, you have to undergo the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Dubai which is located just across Al Mulla Plaza. They will handle the fingerprinting of your NBI Clearance form. You have to pay the fees for fingerprinting. This costs you AED 110.
  • As almost more then half of the process is completed. Now you need to go to the Philippine Consulate. There you need to pay the fees and they will be asked for the AED 200 just for the Special Power of Attorney (SPA) and for NBI clearance. You need to bring the 3 photocopies of your passport which is valid. It is compulsory for your NBI clearance.
  • When you pay the fees for the NBI clearance then the cashier will give you the receipt. You need to keep it properly. Only the receipt will tell you the date of the issue of your NBI clearance. Approximately, you will get your NBI Clearance after the 7 days and you don’t need to go to the office. By post, you will get to your home.


Well, In this way you get your NBI clearance in Dubai. As it is not a very difficult task and after reading out this Informative article, you can easily get your NBI clearance without having any problem. But Make one tig in your mind that you are in abroad so it is not the one day process thing. Still, you have any query then let us know by commenting below in the comment box.