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Quick Renewal NBI Clearance Online

Are you planning to renew your NBI clearance but cannot insert a personal appointment out from your busy schedule? Worry no more! The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has added excellent features on their website where applicants for the renewal of clearance can take advantage of.

One of the exciting features of the NBI clearance eServices is the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal. If your NBI clearance has already expired or will be expiring, you will no longer submit yourself for personal appearance in biometrics or photo capture nor wait in long queues. A simple NBI clearance online renewal procedure will make the whole process highly convenient for you. Upon completing the application, your clearance will be delivered right at your doorsteps.

Are you excited to take advantage of the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal service? Stay back, relax and we will provide you with the step to step guide on how.

How to Renew NBI Clearance Through Quick Renewal?

Once you have your NBI clearance ID number, you are good to start with the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal procedure. Visit the official website of NBI for renewal of clearance by clicking “” You will be prompted on the welcome page of NBI clearance online registration and application services where you can start the process by simply clicking the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal button.

Do not give attention to the Register box anymore because you won’t be entering your email address to log in. This will not be used anymore when using the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal procedure. Just select the “NBI Clearance Quick Renewal” at the bottom of the welcome page.

NBI Renew

You will then be prompted to a pop-up window requiring you to enter your NBI clearance ID number. Again, only those NBI clearance ID numbers issued between 2014 to 2018 will support the process. Upon entering the required ID number from your expired NBI clearance, click the “VERIFY” button to continue with the process.

Enter NBI for renew

In the event the system displays an oversight saying, “The system cannot get the given NBI ID number” is an implication that the provided ID number is not acceptable in using the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal service. There are instances when some NBI clearances are missing or not residing in the database of NBI for unknown reasons. If you are encountering this type of issue, you cannot proceed availing the service of NBI Clearance Quick Renewal.

For applicants facing this problem can secure their NBI clearance using the NBI clearance online application as new applicants where they are required to take the personal appearance on any NBI branch for biometrics and photo capture.

Quick Renewal Delivery

As soon as you have successfully entered the NBI clearance Id number, you will be directed to the next page which is Quick Renewal Delivery. You will be asked to fill in the required fields including the receiver’s first and last name including the following information:

  • Purpose
  • Purpose Detail
  • Address (Province, Municipality, Barangay, Street/Unit/Bldg/Village and Zipcode

Your photo taken from your last NBI clearance is also displayed along with the amount to be paid. Take note that the amount is subject to change depending on the chosen payment transaction which we are going to discuss later. Upon confirming that all information entered are true and correct, tick the NEXT button to navigate you on the next step.

NBI Next Process To Renew

Payment Transaction

Upon entering your personal information, you will be directed on the next window. This time, you need to enter your birth date and choose the payment method from among the three (3) given options such as nbi payment bayad center, Multipay and ECPay.

This tutorial will take Bayad Center as an example of payment transaction method to pay the NBI clearance bill. Click the Bayad Center icon where a small pop-up window will show. A REMINDER screen will be displayed where you need to carefully read the instructions.

Quick Renew Reminder

After then, hit the NEXT button.

Bayard Center NBI payment

The payment screen will be shown displaying the details and amount to be paid. The total amount varies depending on the shipping fee for your location. Click the PROCEED button to continue with the next step.

The next window to pop-up is the NBI clearance reference number. You can screen grab or print this window to have a copy of your reference number then click CLOSE button. This number will be used to pay the bill in securing your NBI clearance. Show the reference number to the cashier and pay the required amount.

NBI Clearance Quick Renewal

Before we provide the detailed guide on how to secure the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal, take note that this process is not appropriate to new applicants. Additionally, only those old applicants with NBI clearance ID numbers can avail the service. If you do not have the ID number, it is impossible to process the NBI clearance renewal online.

Those applicants who have secured their NBI clearance between 2014 to present were issued with their respective ID numbers. But how important is the NBI clearance ID number in availing the quick renewal service? Remember that even if you are an old applicant but have a missing NBI clearance ID number will not prosper the renewal procedure online.

Only those old applicants with NBI clearance ID number can avail this unique service. There is no way to process the NBI online renewal without the ID number. This ID number will be used to pull out your NBI clearance from their database. By employing your ID number, facilitating the renewal of your NBI clearance is easily done.

With the sample NBI clearance shown below, this is where you will find your NBI clearance ID number:


What are the Requirements When Using the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal Service?

The NBI clearance renewal requirements are different from securing the clearance online as new applicant. The latter requires filling in the online application form, personal appearance to any NBI branch where to get nbi clearance near me for biometrics and photo capture as well as requiring valid identification cards. As this is only an NBI clearance online renewal, it only requires a simple process. Among the requirements needed are:

  1. An old NBI clearance ID number which is the most important thing to consider in order to proceed with the process
  2. accurately fill in the quick renewal delivery (refers to the address to where the shipping will be delivered)
  3. transaction reference number when paying the bill in preferred payment method
  4. Bayad Center account or verified PayPal account when paying the NBI Clearance online

Feel Absolutely Convenient Paying the NBI Clearance Online!

Are you feeling a lot comfortable with NBI clearance online renewal? There’s another bonus for you which most applicants would love to hear. You can do nbi online payment as well!

Yes, you heard it right. In addition to the exciting features of NBI Clearance Quick Renewal where you can apply the whole process online and deliver it at your doorsteps, the payment method can also be done online. This is something amazing for most applicants who found convenience in doing things online without heading outdoor.

On one hand, this procedure is not applicable to all applicants of NBI Clearance Quick Renewal. Only those who have existing Bayad Center Account (main payment method) or a verified PayPal Account can pay their NBI clearance online. If you do not have an existing account on either any of the mentioned payment method, you can register a merchant account. Depending on your preferred method, you can proceed to their respective official website and register. Once activated or verified, you are now ready to pay online the bill of your NBI clearance.

Still Wanted to Feel Convenient and Take the Risk?

Using the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal, you can process everything online without personal appearance or much NBI clearance online requirements. Take note that you cannot track the progress of your transaction because no confirmation will be sent on your email address. Perhaps this is one of the things that the NBI website forgot to include in their features.

One thing more, because you don’t prefer walking personally to any NBI branch and opt for shipping delivery, the cost of NBI clearance quick renewal is more costly. The shipping cost which may vary depending on your location is placed on top of the regular NBI clearance online renewal fee.

Additionally, the same details will be shown on your new clearance. If there are information you would like to know how to change name in nbi clearance online, you need to start from the very start which means logging in at the official NBI website and update your account. But when you are using the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal, there is no option to edit any information you wanted to change.

If you are that type of a person who is willing to take the risk despite the given instances mentioned above, it’s perfectly fine! You only have to wait at the comforts of your home and have your NBI clearance delivered by LBC without exerting much effort!

Have Your NBI Clearance Delivered at Home

Can’t get enough to secure your NBI online renewal? Have yours now by following the step by step guide we have provided. With the simple yet detailed instructions, you can have your NBI clearance online renewal delivered right at your home. If you have other questions about NBI Clearance Quick Renewal process, feel free to leave a comment below.