How to Verify if an NBI Clearance is Fake or Valid

NBI clearance is vital for Filipinos, especially those starting careers or traveling abroad due to its cost-effectiveness compared to a passport. However, the surge in demand has led to fake certificates, commonly found in the black market in Manila. As an employer, verify applicants’ NBI clearances to avoid hidden issues, as forgers often use them to mask criminal records. Forging public documents carries severe legal consequences, requiring collective efforts to combat counterfeits. The online verification system is the most reliable method for confirming the authenticity of an NBI clearance.

How to Verify an NBI Clearance?

To confirm the authenticity of an NBI Clearance, you’ll need a hard copy of the document you want to verify.

  1. Visit the official NBI website through your internet browser. If you’re unsure of the web address, it is ‘https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/‘.
  2. Once on the website, locate the ‘Verification’ option and either click it or enter your clearance number.
  3. After clicking or entering your clearance number, a new window will display the details of that specific NBI Clearance.

You should be able to view the photograph of the clearance holder, alongside other pertinent information. To ensure accuracy, cross-reference the details with the hard copy of the NBI Clearance. Once you’ve confirmed that all information is consistent, your verification process is complete.

Troubleshooting: ‘The System Cannot Find the Given NBI ID Number

  1. First, double-check the NBI ID number you’ve entered to ensure its accuracy.
  2. If you believe the number is correct and you still receive an error message, attempt to enter your surname or last name in all capital letters. This may resolve the issue.
  3. If the problem persists, it’s advisable to contact the NBI directly through their official website.