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How To Apply Multi Purpose NBI Clearance

If you have the old NBI clearance then definitely you must have the question in your mind. What is multi-purpose NBI clearance, and what is the use? Then today I am going to give you the best guide so that you can get to know more about the Multipurpose NBI clearance. Now you can use the multipurpose NBI clearance instead of the old one. As it is made for various purposes so now you can take more benefits from this NBI Clearance.

Basically, these documents are issued by the National Bureau of Investigation. So that the applicant can get the one clearance for various purposes. The main motive of this certificate is to issue the things which are totally made for the legal purpose.  Not for the things who are made for the specific task or the purpose.

Well, if you want to get the information regarding the multi-purpose NBI clearance then in this blog, you will get everything about this new clearance.  You just need to fill the application form online and follow the further process very carefully. Let us move forward and look at what is the Multipurpose NBI clearance and how you can apply.

What Are the NBI Multi Purpose Clearance Requirements

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • PhilHealth ID
  • Postal ID
  • Barangay Clearance
  • TIN ID
  • Police Clearance

How To Apply For Multipurpose NBI Clearance

So well, if you are not aware of how to apply for the Multi Purpose NBI Clearance. Then below I sharing the complete procedure. Now just have a  look at the procedure without wasting the single second-

  1. Register for an account on the NBI clearance website.
  2. Fill out the application form on the website.
  3. Choose a schedule and a nearby branch for your clearance.
  4. Pay the application fee using one of the various payment options available.
  5. Present a valid ID or Philippine passport upon arrival at the branch.
  6. Undergo physical verification which includes taking your photo and fingerprints.
  7. Wait for your NBI clearance to be printed at the designated area once the process is complete.

What is Multipurpose NBI  Clearance

As we all know that NBI clearance is the document that verifies that you have no cases of the criminal in the Philippines. So now with the help of multipurpose NBI clearance, you can easily apply for the job, travel abroad, gun license, and even for the VISA also. It will have the same as the old NBI clearance but you will the one difference. That is the blue color in the background. Now If I talk about the fess then you have to pay the Php115 per copy which is valid for one year. Make sure that if you want the new multi-purpose NBI clearance then you have yo renew the old one first.

Now you will see another change which is HIT. It is given by the National Bureau of Investigation where the person who has the pending case, namesake. Basically, in most of the pending cases, you need the clearance of the NBI so that you will get verified hen the before the related of its owner. Now with the help of the Multipurpose NBI Clearance, you can easily apply for the local and the abroad cases. It does not matter where the applicant is living.

According to the reach, it is founded that 104 million of the people in the Philippines are breathing individuals. So now you can overcome with the chance of the namesake if you already Appl for the NBI clearance. Make sure that f you have the case which is pending then you need to face the interview of the NBC clearance quality. For this interview there is no need to pay any kind of additional fees, Just clear the quality which is required for the NBI Clearance. And you can see that your pending is cleared.

Final Words

Well, this was all about the multi-purpose NBI clearance. I hope this NBI clearance is better than the old NBI clearance. Now with this informative article, you can get to know how to apply for multi Purpose clearance of NBI. Even if you have this clearance then you can apply for the various things like the VISA and the passport. Just use the above steps and apply for the multipurpose NBI Clearance. In case you are facing any problem or issue then there is no need to take tension. We will help you and provide you the solution.