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NBI Clearance Requirements

Before going to get any kind of clearance, you need to carry the various kinds of documents. So if you want the NBI clearance then you have to carry at least 2 original documents. Nowadays, it is very easy to get your clearance of the NBI. You just need to fill the form of the NBI clearance and show some original documents. Well, now I am sharing the important Requirements for NBI Clearance. So that you can carry it easily when you go to the branch of the NBI and will not face any kind of problem.

Basically, in order to apply any kind of Government issued document is normally require several valid IDs and even some of the different documents which are providing the identity of an applicant. The NBI clearance is similar to aforementioned Government issued document.

Actually, in our country document like the NBI Clearance is (most of the time) required by various public and also the private agencies like the Companies those are seeking for the employees. So, that, the NBI clearance is always one of the major employment requirement aside from a applicant’s professional resume template.

Usually, having this NBI Clearance is like easy as applying for a Philippine Passport, of course we will dig in to that after.

Requirements For NBI Clearance

Fees of NBI Clearance:

You have to carry the fees of the NBI clearance which is Php130.00. So most of the time, the process will take too much time. Then, in that case, you have to bring extra money. So that when you feel hungry or thirsty then you can buy the food. Please carry the extra money with you. Although in March of 2018, the fees of the NBI clearance is Php130.00. So it has the complete rate of the adjust with the Documentary Stamp Tax (DST).

Your Appearance is Must:

Just for the process of the verification, you need to wear the proper form dress. These ruled and the regulation is should be known to the person who is going to the office of the NBI just for the purpose of the claim. As the purpose of the formal wear is to take your photo and the fingerprints for the system of the biometrics. So your physical appearance is a must if you want the NBI clearance.

Carry The Ballpen:

Most of the person are not aware of how to apply the NBI clearance online. Then, in that case, you have to fill the form with the help of the pen. Then according to the rules of the NBI, you need to carry the ballpen which is black. Even also you will also get the proper instruction so that you can also apply online. So don’t forget to bring a black ballpen with you.

Various Identification Proof:

Just carry any 2 valid IDs among these ones. make sure that it should be original. No photocopy or the duplicate ID may be accepted by them.

  • valid ID may be the passport of the Philippine,
  • Voter’s ID,
  • Driver’s License,
  • PRC License,
  • SSS ID,
  • Postal ID,
  • School ID,
  • TIN ID,
  • Philhealth ID,
  • Alien Certificate of Registration,
  • Senior Citizen,
  • Previous Copy of NBI Clearance.

Without these IDs, you can’t get your clearance of the NBI.