What To Wear To An NBI Clearance Application (Dress Code)

Do you know what should a person wear to their NBI Appointment? Is there any dressing code for NBI clearance? If you want to know answers to these questions and also to many other NBI Clearance application queries regarding of what to wear, then just read this article and get all the eligible answers.

The dressing code process will begin after done everything of online registration, set up of your appointment, and also paid for your clearance then you will be step into this process. The NBI officers observes proper dress code. So it is more better to come with the proper dress code as per the NBI appointment rules and norms.

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So, how your dressing style should be to visit the NBI Clearance office? You no need to be appeared as a CEO to a company but there is some fundamental method for every officials like you have to be look neat and simultaneously casual too. From the below lists you can check what to wear and what not to wear to an NBI Clearance Application…! We also mentioned all the Valid ID Requirements for NBI Clearance Application you can check it now.

What you can wear..? :

For males and Females the below mentioned clothing is appropriate and suitable. So do follow them to don’t get regret being a denied entry just because of NBI Clearance Dress Code.

For Males:

  • T-shirts (Refrain from wearing obscene statement shirts)
  • Polo shirts
  • Pants
  • Closed shoes (avoid wearing slippers or flip-flops)

For Females:

  • Sleeved shirts/blouses
  • Pants/ slacks
  • Dresses not shorter than an inch above the knees
  • Skirts not shorter than an inch above the knees.

What You Should Not Wear:

  • Tank Tops
  • Shorts or jersey
  • Anything too revealing
  • Slippers

Note: There you have to be asked to give your permission to take a photo of you for the purpose of identification. So that you should remove earrings, necklace, piercings eye glasses and the contact lenses etc. at the time of they are taking your photo.

These are the mandatory to follow while you’re planning to visit your nearby NBI Clearance appointment offices. The regulations of NBI what is allowed or what is not allowed may be varied from office to office. So you must be sure before you visit, you must follow the above suggestions and also better to contact your NBI Office for inquire.

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