How To Get Tin Number For Unemployed Online Philippines

Anyone can get Tax Identification Number (TIN) in the Philippines. It is a unique number, and you can apply for it only once. The Government identifies you to collect the tax using this TIN. The Bureau of internal revenue will issue the TIN, and the department collects some percentage of money of your overall annual income. Paying taxes to the Government is your responsibility as a citizen of the Philippines. However, getting TIN is slightly more confusing if you are a new or inexperienced candidate. This post will discuss getting the TIN for the unemployed online in the Philippines.

Even if you are unemployed and don’t have an organization or agency, you must pay taxes to the Government. If you work as a freelancer and want to apply for a credit or debit card or save money in the banks, you must have a TIN issued by the BIR. In addition, if you are applying for home or car loans, you must have a TIN. As well as, if you acquire tax benefits from the Government, you must need Tax Identification Number. 

Note: You can’t do large bank or private sector transactions without Tax Identification Number.

What Is The Tax Identification Number Card?

The BIR issues a Tax Identification Number card to a person with a name, address, date of birth, photo, and signature, including a Tax number. The BIR issue this number depending on the country’s tax code. Using this TIN card, you can do several private and Government transactions. In addition, it is a permanent number with no expiry date. 

How To Get TIN ID

You can get anywhere in the BIR branch office. You must present your date of birth certificate or passport, proof of Identity, and proof of address to get TIN in the Philippines. Follow the instructions carefully to apply for TIN below. 

Step 1: Visit the nearest Bureau of internal revenue office and complete the 1901 application. You must fill in the information according to your birth or school certificates. Fill in your address without error because the BIR will send you a physical TIN card to your doorstep through the mail. 

Step 2: The RDO department will process your request. If your application meets, all the requirements of the BIR will allot a Tax Identification Number. 

Step 3: If your application is rejected or the system has technical errors, you can revisit the same RDO office to process your application. 

Step 4: Attach your photo and signature to the application.

TIN ID Philippines Requirements For Unemployed 

You must present a birth certificate issued by the Government or a passport to prove your date of birth. As well as you will need to provide your Identity and residency. Attach all of these documents to the application while processing your request. 

  • If you are an Individual, you must submit Form 1901
  • Your Identification card should contain your Name, Address, and birth date.
  • Annual income receipt or payment proof.
  • Bank statement
  • If you want to present another supporting document, you can take a power of attorney.

You can get TIN online, but eREG system available for corporate taxpayers only. If you are a new employee or unemployed person, you must visit the Revenue District office, where you can apply for TIN.

  • You will need to fill out the correct TIN application when you want to obtain a TIN from BIR. Usually, 1901 is a TIN application assigned to mixed-income earners and individuals. 
  • If you are a non-residential citizen, to get a TIN from BIR, you will need to fill out Form 1902
  • For partnerships, corporations, including government corporations, present Form 1903.
  • As well as, if you are a one-time taxpayer, you will need to submit from 1904 to get TIN. 

How to get a TIN ID with an existing TIN In the Philippines

You can get a TIN ID with an existing TIN in the Philippines. Call the customer’s support number: 89817000 or 89297676. You must have all the information during the call. The BIR personnel will ask you for complete details to replace your TIN. As well as you will need to fill out the application for TIN card replacement.

What Are The Benefits Of TIN

You can do any transaction using the government and private sectors TIN. You can apply for bank loans, home loans, and more using this TIN. Without a TIN, you can’t get tax benefits, and you may need to pay more tax to the RIB if you don’t have a TIN if you do more bank transactions.

Who Can Get TIN 

Anyone can get TIN in the Philippines but must present all the identification documents to the BIR branch office to process your request. After getting a TIN, you can get all the tax benefits from RIB and do all transactions without hassles.

Is TIN Permanent 

Yes, TIN is a Permanent number with no expiry date. It tells about TAX information the Government. Individuals must have a TIN in Philippines even if you are unemployed.