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NBI Clearance Renewal Requirements

The requirements for NBI Clearance Renewal are mentioned below you have to have them with you while the process is going on. As you applied for NBI Clearance for the first time, that time you need to provide two of your government ids then here also you have to give two valid ids to process your application. So then the NBI officials will provide the official list of NBI Clearance Renewal Requirement after so on.

NBI Clearance Online Appointment

The perfect and straight forward answer is no! An NBI Clearance Online Appointment is mandatory for you in order to present before you could enter their premises of NBI Clearance Centers. It is almost mandatory to follow this rule. But you should not argue by the guards or else by the NBI personnal that you do not have an appointment because of this rule has been implemented few years ago. Hence you must be complying with the rules.

Even though there are the few exceptions for this rule where either the person can or else allowed do a “walk in application for NBI Clearance”.

NBI Clearance Renewal Requirements

As we mentioned before, we are going to provide a list of all the accepted valid IDs in the NBI Clearance application. Here you have to produce at least 2 of your valid id’s from any of below list.

Type of Document/IDDescription/Notes
SSS ID (UMID)Social Security System ID, Universal Multi-Purpose ID
GSIS ID (ID)Government Service Insurance System ID
Philippine PassportOfficial passport issued by the Philippine government
Philhealth IDIdentification for members of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation
Voter’s ID or Certificate of RegistrationIdentification for registered voters in the Philippines
TIN IDTax Identification Number ID
PRC LicenseProfessional Regulation Commission License for professionals
Driver’s LicenseOfficial driver’s license issued in the Philippines
PAG-IBIG IDID for members of the Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG)
NSO/PSA Authenticated Birth CertificateBirth certificate authenticated by the National Statistics Office/Philippine Statistics Authority
Postal IDIdentification card issued by the Philippine Postal Corporation
Police ClearanceIssued by the Police Station within the jurisdiction of the applicant’s residence
Certification from Local Civil RegistrarOfficial certification issued by the Local Civil Registrar
Certification from Malacanang for Indigenous Groups, Tribal membership, and foundlingOfficial certification for members of indigenous groups, tribal membership, or foundlings, issued by Malacanang
Solo Parent IDID for individuals who are single parents
Seaman’s BookOfficial document for seafarers
Senior Citizen IDIdentification for senior citizens in the Philippines
MARINA IDMaritime Industry Authority ID for maritime professionals
Security License ID issued by PNP for Security GuardsID for licensed security guards issued by the Philippine National Police


Issued by SSS, this ID is the plastic laminated card which is providing the NBI Clearance Applicant is the member of the Social Security System. But if you do not have one yet, then we would suggest that you secure your SSS ID from the nearest SSS Branch.


The GSIS ID, can be issued exclusively for all the employees currently employed by the Government. Much more like the SSS ID, this card shall prove the membership of the owner to the GSIS Agency. But not many people shall have this unless until previous SSS ID due to the exclusivity of membership.

Philippine Passport

The Philippine Passport is an official document which has been issued by the Philippine Government via different efforts of their Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) certifying the owner’s identity and the citizenship which entitles them for traveling under its protection to and from the foreign countries.

Many times, the Philippine Passport is used whenever traveling to abroad whether from the leisure or from the work. However it is the smallest booklet that is typically contain’s some personal information of the owner like the computer name, photo, signature date and place of birth, passport issued date and expiry date and finally the passport number and QR code.

PhilHealth ID

PhilHealth or the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation is the government-owned and also controlled corporation (GOCC) for ensuring the health of every Filipino members via the social health insurance. The PhilHealth issues the ID for all of its members with free of cost as long as the member qualifies. Usually, this ID also can be accepted for applying NBI Clearance.


This PAG-IBIG ID, is like we previously mentioned items above the qualifies like an NBI Clearance Renewal Requirements. Usually, the PAG-IBIG fund is also called as HDMF (Home Development Mutual Fund) is also a Philippine GOCC which is responsible for the administration of their national savings program. Usually, the benefit which is offered by this agency is to provide affordable shelter financing for its active members. PAG-IBIG is also issues an identification card which has been deemed valid as an NBI Renewal Requirement.

Voter’s ID or Certificate of Registration

Any one who is the citizen of Philippines can quickly get their voter’s ID or the Certificate of Registration. But all you have to do is undergo the process of registration which is organized by the Commission of Election (COMELEC).

The Certificate of Registration and also a voter’s ID shall be issued to the person those who has been registered yet. However this can be used as the requirement for the NBI Clearance.


The Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID is the document which is Bureau of Internal Revenues issues to all of the tax payers. But if you’re employed, then we are sure that you come across this document.

So, this one is also the valid one when you’re doing an NBI Online Application.

PRC License

Any one of the Filipino citizen those who are at least 18 to 21 years of their age and the graduate or the holder of a degree from any of the University those who passed the Professional Regulatory Commission Licensure Examination would be issued a PRC License valid to be used upon their selected field of industry.

Driver’s License for NBI Clearance Renewal Requirements

Do you know “Having a driver’s license is not a right, its a privilege.”

This is only available for those who are authorized by a Land Transportation Office for handling a moving vehicle. Usually, the government requires the people for passing the LTO driving examination, such as both written and practical before this ID will be issued.

NSO/PSA Authenticated Birth Certificate

As like the NSO or the PSA Authenticated Birth Certificate is the vital and also the important record which establishes the birth of a child. However it is an official document that where it shall give the details on the date, time and also place of the person’s birth. Al though it even shows the personal information like the complete name, mother’s and father’s name, location (city, municipality and province) where the person was born.

Here the NSO or PSA Authenticated BIRTH Certificate is often confused like an invalid NBI Clearance Online Renewal Requirements. However the truth is, acceptable. So, as long as the birth certificate has been authenticated by the official PSA or NSO, and accompanied by the another government issued ID listed here, then you’ll be encountered any kind of problem.