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Valid IDs Accepted in Applying in NBI Clearance

When applying for an NBI Clearance, you must present at least two acceptable and valid identification documents (IDs) with your complete name, address, age, and physical appearance. If your photo on the ID is outdated, it is mandatory to update it to avoid any complications. The same ID requirements apply for other transactions such as opening a bank account or boarding a plane. If you do not present a valid ID at the NBI Clearance branch, your application may be denied as it is a requirement. The list of acceptable IDs must be followed and should not be expired or reproduced.

The requirement is any two (2) of the following valid Identification Cards:

PassportPRC Card
PhilSys ID or Philippine National IDBirth Certificate Authenticated by PSA
UMID or SSS IDVoter’s ID or Certificate of Registration
TIN ID (BIR)Certification from the Local Civil Registrar
Seaman’s Book and SIRVCertification – From Malacanang for Indigenous Groups, Tribal Membership, Foundling
MarinaSolo Parent ID
Driver’s LicensePolice Clearance – Issued by applicant’s local police station
Postal IDSenior Citizen ID
PhilHealth IDAlien Certificate of Registration
PAG-IBIG ID (Not the Loyalty Card)School ID together with current Registration Card
Company ID for Government Employees

Here the valid ID Document must be:

Issued by gov’t/schoolIssued by recognized government agency or school.
Original documentNot photocopied or scanned. Only original is valid.
Valid and currentNot expired, no matter how recent the expiration.
Applicant’s full nameMust show applicant’s full name as in official records.
Recent recognizable photoClear photograph showing applicant’s face and features.
Good conditionNo significant damage. Text and photo are clear and legible.

When you’re applying for the NBI Clearance Online and you may lack of the application NBI Clearance requirements and you’re may be wondering that where to get the above mentioned Valid IDs, then here, let me help you:

Type of IDIssuing Agency
Philippine PassportDepartment of Foreign Affairs
Voter’s IDCommission on Elections
Driver’s LicenseLand Transportation Office
PRC LicenseProfessional Regulatory Commission
SSS IDSocial Security System
GSIS UMIDGovernment Service Insurance System
Postal IDPhilippine Postal Corporation
School IDEducational Institution
TIN IDBureau of Internal Revenue
Philhealth IDPhilippine Health Insurance Corporation
Alien Certificate of RegistrationBureau of Immigration
Senior Citizen IDOffice of the Senior Citizens Affairs

How To Get Nbi Clearance Without Valid Id

If you don’t have a valid ID, you can still get an NBI clearance by providing alternative documents as proof of identification. Here are some alternative documents you can use: 1). Postal ID 2). Barangay Clearance 3). PhilHealth ID 4). TIN ID 5). Police Clearance from the place of residence.

Is Voter’s Certification a Valid Id for Nbi Clearance

No, voter’s certification is not considered a valid ID for NBI clearance application. However, it can be used as supporting document as it provides proof of identity and residency.

Conclusion: You’re only the responsible for understanding and in following these identification (valid ID) NBI Online requirements and the policies. But you may be denied for entering an NBI Clearance Outlet but if you’re unable to present an acceptable ID or else if the validity of the ID is in the question. Of course the NBI personal has the sole discretion for being determining the validity and also the acceptability of any ID presented for the admission of your application, and for any other determinations regarding of non-compliance with the valid ID policies.