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What Are The NBI Clearance Requirements To Walk In

Do you ever get a question to your mind about Can we walk in for the NBI CLEARANCE Renewal Application? Don’t worry this question will come to so many applicants mind.

But the despite of this fact which is so many years ago NBI Clearance Branches have already been implemented the NBI Clearance Online Registration. However many of the people those are still not being aware of a new step by step process in applying the NBI Clearance. Of course to do anything with the NBI Clearance application the most required thing is NBI Online Appointment. We are going to explain you about the NBI Clearance Online Appointment from the below lines before we’re going to provide you the actual topic.

NBI Clearance Online Appointment

  1. First of all you need to go and directly visit the NBI Clearance branch along with your NBI Clearance Requirements for your nbi clearance quick renewal or else for the new application.
  2. You must had to be fall in line in order to get a single application form which actually takes so much of your time just because of the people intend to apply for their NBI Clearance at the same time.
  3. After that actually getting an NBI Clearance Application form by falling in line.
  4. Falling in line for having your Photo taken.
  5. Also falling in line for the process of your NBI Clearance by manually imprinting your thumb marks simply using the inks.
  6. After again you have to be falling in line for releasing.

How many times have you noticed the word “falling in line” of course this step is always included in each of the course of an action in processing. However this had noticed by the official NBI Agency which is needed to be addressed just because lot of the people are getting angry with long queue lines procedure.

Since then the NBI Agency and its staff members have been started to implement some improvements and the said agency was decided for the overhaul an entire process and totally eliminate the walk in for the sake of NBI Clearance application.

Can I Walk In To Renew My Nbi Clearance

Yes, you can still walk-in to renew your NBI clearance. However, it is recommended to apply for NBI clearance online ahead of time to avoid long lines and waiting times at NBI clearance centers. Applying online also offers the convenience of scheduling an appointment and choosing a specific date and time to visit the center. Walk-ins are accepted, but priority may be given to those who have scheduled appointments online.

What Is The Purpose of NBI Online Appointment

There so much increments in the NBI Clearance applications since the Philippines population has been growing up continuously because everyone is need to have their own NBI Clearance.

Any way what is the purpose of online booking means the online booking system is to do service for the applicants in order to simplify and even make the nbi online appointment procedure more efficient and too effective if it wants to keep the process flowing very smoothly efficiently and even productively. But before it is implementing this specific system let us concentrate on the important advantages of the NBI Clearance Online Appointment System.

But like this NBI online appointment’s booking system works all the day 24/7, that means this system gives us the freedom in order to schedule an appointment anytime that we would like to.

What Are The Benefits of NBI Clearance Online Appointment System

It has the Trust, transparency, and flexibility. Basically, booking an NBI Online appointment over a web is usually one of the most convenient methods in scheduling your NBI Clearance application.

Of course it is a major disadvantage that is for the sake of the people those who does not know how to do an online appointment online.

But on an other hand an appointment through the NBI Clearance website is great for people by some knowledge of how can we operate easily the online website. Because of the website they can operate it at any time on your convenient time. Normally, scheduling this NBI online Appointment shows the applicants patients what dates are still available. This a time efficient, which provides the transparency and also it helps to applicant shall feel more informed and in control.

Time savings

All the NBI Clearance staffs shall spend much less time in accommodating the long queue lines of the applicants, of course thereby unloading and also eliminating massive amount of their working hours just because of the the number of applicants daily.

However the applicants shall also saves their time, like they were no longer have to fall in the long queue lines because the applicants with an online appointments are accommodated. Those who walk in the applicants will not be capable of process their one.


The applicants shall walk in Application for the NBI Clearance could be the tiring activity. Once imagine, by going to the NBI Clearance Branch simply to be greeted with a long queue line just to get the application form? So, there is an another line for the payment, thumb printing, photo capture and then release.

But sometimes you may feel that you’re unlucky, then you shall not be accommodated because of it’s already cut off. Probably you may be inconvenience for most of the applicants that they usually encounter.

Any way because of this appointment system has been implemented, and then all the applicants could process their application without any inconvenience encountered.

Such type of long queue lines are currently significantly decrease. But to be honest, the queue lines are still going on but it improved. However it is fast moving and it’s really shorter compared before.

NBI Appointment: Optional or required?

Actually, the only one question many of the applicants are keep asking that if it is really needed? The answer is of course YES!

Each and every applicant should be secure an online appointment from the NBI official website to be capable of processing their application.

Once you have been secured an appointment, then you shall be received from the website then the reference number. This NBI reference number shall serve as your transaction number and appointment for your application.

Of course this same number only shall be use by the cashier from your selected payment option when are paying your NBI Clearance Fees.

However the reference number should be treated as an important number why because it reference to your application. Once the NBI Staff would types your NBI Reference number in his/her computer, then your filled up application form shall be appear and will be verified too.

Walk in for NBI Clearance Application? Is it allowed?

Walk in for NBI Clearance Application? Is it allowed? technically, no, it’s not allowed.

Walk in for NBI Clearance is highly discouraged for anyone.

But because of so many people those who do not have an access to the internet because of lack of the internet subscription, not available desktop/laptop computer, none of the mobile device capable of internet browsing. Basically, the NBI Clearance branches are providing the section where you could book your appointment in order to get yourself an NBI Clearance Reference Number.

At this situation the problem shall arise, because of the number of people those who met the criteria which we’ve mentioned in previous paragraph. To be build up of the number of applicants without the NBI Online Appointment has been growing.

Of course this result for another queue line has been created because of the people who are trying to schedule their application on a day itself and even on the spot.

Of course there is also a build up in a payment section because of some of the people who has just been scheduled their appointment are required to pay the fees for application.

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