How Much Is An NBI Clearance Fee?

National Bureau of Investigation issued the NBI clearance which is valid for one year. After one year you have to again pay the fee to renew this certificate. Now you can transact the business with the private and the public agencies with the multi-purpose. As the charges of the NBI clearance and the expenses will be shifted according to the reasons that you are applying for. Here, the candidate provides the fingerprint card so that the other candidate cannot misuse this certificate.

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Well, here I am going to explore every single about the fees for the NBI clearance. And in this post, you will get something that you are exactly finding for. You need to pay a suitable sum as per the requirement of the candidate. The fees that are declared by the NBI is genuine and mostly candidate can easily afford the fees. Whenever you go for the online registration, you must carry a certain document with you. Let’s move forward-

How Much Fees You Have To Pay For The Online Registration OF NBI Clearance?

NBI clearance is the clearance that gives proof that you are not involved in the criminal case. Sometimes, you can also use this clearance for various purposes like the local employment, change of gender, travel abroad, correction of birthday in your birth declaration. So this NBI clearance can be required for all the purposes.

The fees of the NBI clearance totally depend on what purpose you apply for. So from January 2017, the branches of the NBI clearance will implement this formula “No Appointment No Entry Policy” for the candidates of the NBI clearance. Now the candidate will not face any kind of problem and they don’t need to make the arrangement to set the time.

Although, the possible amount which is declared by the National Bureau of Investigation to apply for the NBI clearance is P130. This is just due to the increase in the documentary stamp tax (DST) which mainly follows the law of the TRAIN. So the government has transferred this NBI clearance for the multi-purpose.

Now the present fees for the NBI clearance are the P170 which mainly includes the NBI Clearance expenses + Service Fees + Payment Center Service Charges. So it doesn’t matter what the reason you use this NBI clearance. It will keep you safe in every criminal situation. Make sure that when you apply for the NBI clearance then bring the documents when you to the branch.

Where You Can Pay Your NBI Clearance Fee?

If you want to know the where it is then follow the below steps and get the details on it.

  • Bank Over Counter – It is very helpful for whom does not available a banking account and by the way this usually enables you to pay the fee otc like in an almost any type of bank such as BDO, Land Bank, Chinabank, etc.
  • ECPay –  It includes all type of ECPay partners such as Petron Corporation, Expresspay Inc., and also the RD Pawnshop, and the like.
  • Online Bank – It is more important path for people who use the internet banking services of any of their selected banking partners such as UnionBank EON, BPI Express Online, etc.
  • MultiPayIt  is open to pay by using the MultiPay account however if you have this one as well as your multipay wallet does not have money, then you could load it via different MultiPay Payment outlets.
  • Mobile PaymentIt is suitable for people those have the pre-existing GCash account.
  • Bayad Center – This would be helpful when you need to pay the money for the renewal fee at your nearest Bayad Center branches or else via its online payment gateway.

The Few Words

At the end of this informative article, now you can apply for the online registration of the NBI clearance by paying a certain amount of the fees. So now I would like to suggest you, without wasting the time just apply for this certificate. As we can use it for a various reason or even use for the multi-purpose. Because this is a budget-friendly certificate, so we don’t think you need to think about the price. So hurry up and if you have any issue regarding the fees then let us know. We will solve your problem.