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The Authorization Letter : Ask Someone To Claim Your Nbi Clearance

Basically, NBI clearance is issued by the National Bureau of Investigation. So if someone wants to claim your NBI clearance with the help of the authorization letter then you should know how to write the letter. So here I am sharing the proper and easy format that can help you. You should be required to take the personal information so that it can be used in the authorization letter just for the purpose of the claiming. There are the rules and regulations that you need to follow just to get a high level of security.

Do you know what to do if you get nbi clearance hit ?

You can also write the instruction on your own also. You just need to visit the NBIClearance online where you can get the easy way. So before proceeding to the further article, firstly you just need to know what is the authorization letter. Then only you will get to know how to claim and what are the rules and the regulation.

What Is An NBI Clearance Authorization Letter?

An authorization letter is a letter that is basically used for the purpose of the business. It is the authority of the granting to the other person just to perform the work of the transaction. Mainly, the date and sign are mentioned in the letter. Make sure one thing that when you claim for the NBI Clearance Using The Authorization Letter, then you should be polite and write the letter in the tone which is positive.

In most of the letters, the particle format is mention, but you dit need to worry, here there is not any kind of the limit set. It can be written from the hand, printed from the computer or maybe the typewritten. But let me tell you that if you want the standard letter it should be printed from the computer. The letter should contain the important detail which is necessary for the letter.

  • You should be mentioned in the letter.
  • The full name should be there which
  • h is having the Authorized Person.
  • The Date of the letter
  • It also includes various important detail about the person like the age, address, and the contact number
  • It should have the signature of the authorizes person.

Here you can easily claim the other person for the NBI clearance without facing any kind of problem.  So now, it is not a very difficult task to claim by just using the Authorization Letter.  If you are the employee or doing the job then I hope you are leaving the job for the day just to get the NBI clearance. So, in my opinion, it is not the correct action that you are taking. The proper schedule is fixed by the NBI clearance team. You just need to present it there for the questionnaire.

February 14, 2016
Jose Reyes
Block 8, Lot 35
Sampaguita Street, Pembo Makati City

To Whom It May Concern,

Good day!

I, Jose Reyes, 29 years old, is writing to you regarding my NBI Clearance that’s as a result of be a claim on March 25, 2019. I am giving Mr. Rudy Diaz the authority to assert my NBI Clearance on my small behalf. I have enclosed my Postal ID that will work as proof my consent on the said matter. Accompanying my Postal ID is Mr. Rudy Diaz – SSS ID being evidence of his identification.

If you might have any queries about this transaction, you are able to send an email by at 09210987654. Thank you.


Jose Reyes

Before Claiming NBI Clearance Authorized Person Must Follow below Guideline

Proper instruction is followed by the person before you claim for the NBI clearance. So you must aware of the rules and regulation which is necessary to know for the authorized person. Have a look at the rules-

  • The applicant of the NBI clearance must wear the proper dress code. So before you go to the venue so you should not wear the slippers, shorts, and Sando.
  • You should bring the original valid ID as the duplicate documents are not accepted. So you must attach the proper valid ID with the person.
  • Having the two valid IDS which is issued by the government should be carried by the person.
  • Then you can proceed further to the window of the releasing which will be going to give you the letter of the authorization. So for this, you must carry the proper valid ID and the authorized persons’ ID.
  • Now it will definitely release your NBI clearance in case you don’t face any kind of the problem related to the relation identity.

So if you want to avoid the complaints of the future then you must have the proper valid IDs. You have to submit these documents just to get the NBI clearance. So having the proper knowledge for the Claim Your NBI Clearance Using The Authorization Letter is very important.  If you have any kind of query regarding this Authorization Letter then let us know. We will definitely provide you with the best solution.