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Pay Your NBI Clearance Application in 7-Eleven

Are you looking for convenient ways to pay your NBI clearance? Either you wanted to apply for a new NBI clearance or just renewal, good news is that you can pay the bill in various payment medium. This is one of the best features that the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is streamlining providing applicants the most convenient way to secure the clearance.

Apart from Bayad Center and local banks, the National Bureau of Investigation has also authorized 7-Eleven as among their partner in collecting the necessary fees for NBI clearance application. Upon applying the NBI clearance online, you will be required to pay the bill in any of the authorized payment station. With the presence of 7-Eleven in almost all corners of the country, paying the NBI clearance application is a hassle-free solution.

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One of the best reasons why 7-Eleven has been a popular choice among NBI clearance applicants is its accessibility. NBI clearance payment 7-11, in contrary to Bayad Centers is more accessible and you can find them in any location. Also, not all people have bank accounts making it impossible for them to process the payment through bank transaction.

Like other applicants of NBI clearance who prefer 7-eleven as the most convenient option in paying the bill but does not have an idea on how, this article will walk you through the process. We will be providing you the step by step guide on how to pay the NBI clearance via 7-Eleven. We make sure that we provide the detailed information to make the process as simple as possible.

Simple Guide on How to Pay Your NBI Clearance Via 7-Eleven

Once you have completed your NBI clearance online application, the next step to do is to pay the bill. Consider 7-Eleven as your ultimate option and the following steps below will guide you all throughout the process:

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  1. Locate the Nearest 7-Eleven with Cliqq Kiosk

Remember, not all 7-Eleven has an available Cliqq kiosk. If you are wondering what the kiosk is, this is the machine used to process government and utility bills payment, etc. almost all of 7-Eleven stores are available 24/7, so no worries of their availability. The most important thing to take note is the presence of Cliqq kiosk located inside the 7-Eleven store and check if the machine is online. There are instances where the machine is offline, making it unfeasible to process the payment for NBI clearance application.

  1. Seek Assistance

If you are someone new or not likely familiar operating the Cliqq kiosk, consider asking assistance from 7-Eleven personnel or cashier. They will check if the system is working and it’s a good idea not to waste your time. The system is very convenient to use. All you have to do is to tap the required buttons and enter the necessary information.  But then again, if you are new to the system, consider seeking assistance from authorized personnel.

  1. Tap the Bills Payment

The Cliqq kiosk is operated using a touch screen feature offering a highly convenient way of navigating through the system. There are various icons on the welcome screen. Locate and tap the “Bills Payment” icon. Once tapped, you will be directed to the Bills Payment page where a number of merchants are displayed. Since your goal is to pay NBI clearance application, click the “NBI” icon located at the right portion of the section.

Pay Your NBI Clearance Application in 7-Eleven

  1. Supply the Required Information

After tapping the NBI icon, you will be directed to the page where you need to enter necessary details regarding your NBI clearance application. Included in the information you need to supply are the following:

  • Reference Number
  • Contact Number
  • Exact Amount to be Paid

As soon as you have entered the required information, make sure to check every detail supplied. You might not want spending money to pay for a different reference number after you have completed the transaction. The management or cashier of 7-Eleven is not obliged to refund any amount if the information entered is incorrect. You might be able to refund the amount paid for a different reference number at the NBI branch nearest you but of course you would not wish to take this type of hassle.

Pay Your NBI Clearance Application in 7-Eleven 1

After you have entered the reference number and exact amount, press “NEXT” where you have to supply your contact number. Once done, press the NEXT button. This will display all the information you have entered. This is your last chance to verify all the information you have Entered.

If you have entered any incorrect information, you can start from the very beginning without paying for extra charge. Just press the BACK button and return back to the screen where you have entered the wrong information.

  1. Print the NBI Clearance Payment Slip

 Once you have finished and verified all information, press the “NEXT” button and the Cliqq kiosk will print your payment slip. Depending on the machine, the payment slip can be printed differently. Generally, it is located at the bottom part of the screen or in some instances at the middle side. If you still can’t locate the payment slip, you can ask assistance from 7-Eleven personnel or the cashier.

Pay Your NBI Clearance Application in 7-Eleven 2

  1. Pay for the Receipt

 As soon as you are done with the printing of the payment slip, proceed to the cashier for payment. Just make sure you have brought along with you enough amount for the NBI clearance application fee.

Remember: If you are not acquainted with using the machine, there will always be personnel who can always assist you on how to process your NBI payment 7-11.

What To Do Next?

 Now that you have learned the process on how to pay NBI clearance in 7/11, the next question you might have in mind is what to do next? Just log in to your NBI clearance online account and proceed to the TRANSACTIONS icon. Here you will notice that the PENDING status will be changed to PAID. Take note that 7-Eleven processes the payment in real-time basis so it won’t only take a couple of minutes to complete the payment transaction.

Keep the Receipt

Like any other payment transaction you entered into, it is important to keep the NBI clearance receipt. When your appointment schedule comes, present the NBI clearance to the personnel in charge. Having the receipt will make it easier for them to process your application. Without the receipt, there are verification’s and other requirements to be done with again entail hassle. After you have completed the payment, keep the receipt.

How to Pay NBI Clearance in 7/11 is Made Easier

 The procedure on how to pay NBI clearance via 7-Eleven is very convenient. The Cliqq kiosk located in almost 7-Eleven store is user-friendly. The system is designed to provide easy navigation from one page to another. With a simple tap on the selected button, you will be immediately directed to the next screen.

Choosing 7-eleven as payment option for your NBI clearance application is an absolute option for many. We hope that our simple guide on how to pay your NBI clearance via 7-Eleven has helped you. If you still have other questions about NBI payment 7-11, please leave a comment below and we are ready to assist you!